Thursday, 6 November 2014

New payment arrangements for Dartford Crossing

New payment arrangements for using the Dartford Crossing will come into force at the end of November, named 'Dart Charge'.
New Dart Charge Arrangements

From the 30th of November motorists will no longer be able to pay at the barriers in an attempt to reduce congestion and ease the flow of traffic around the popular bridge.

Drivers wishing to use the crossing will need to follow the new arrangements:

New Payment Options:

  • Pre pay account: by topping up your pre-pay account you'll be able to use the crossing automatically without having to pay at the barriers.

    Existing DART-Tag users will not need to create a new account.  Transfer your DART-Tag to Dart Charge.

    New customers will need to set up a pre-pay account at
  • Online:
  • Phone: 0300 300 0120
  • Retailer: pay at a Payzone retail outlet
  • Post (in advance only):  Dart Charge Customer Services, PO Box 842, Leeds, LS1 9QF.

Please do not attempt to use these new methods of payment until the new arrangements are in force. Payment for the crossing will need to be paid for by midnight the day after using the Dartford Crossing.

Dart Charge Prices

Night prices for the Dart Charge will remain free between 10pm
& 6am.  Motorcycles are free 24 hours a day.

The final cash payment will be taken at Dartford Crossing barriers at 10pm on Saturday 29th November, with the first Dart Charge beginning at 6am on 30th November.

The crossing will remain free of charge for vehicles between 10pm and 6am.

Full information about the new arrangements can be found on the Dart Charge website.

For traffic conditions, see our Dartford Crossing Traffic page on our website.

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