About Us

Our name is Traffic Update.  Ok, not the most inspiring name ever imagined, but at least it does what it says on the tin.

We allow motorists, travellers and visitors to Britain to check the country's highways, motorways and roads for congestion, accidents and other incidents that may affect journey times.

From motorways to A-roads, cities and regions, we've got the roads covered.  Traffic jams can be a real pain in the bumper, so we think our website, located over at www.traffic-update.co.uk is really useful, whether you're travelling on your daily commute, through to making a long journey on holiday.

We also allow road users to get live traffic conditions sent direct to your email address or mobile phone too, so there's no excuse getting stuck in a horrendous traffic jam or tailback.

This blog is the latest addition to our suite of websites, and our purpose is to bring you the lighter side of motoring, interesting news or announcements, and perhaps a bit more about the company behind the traffic news.

We've been going for around 7 years now, and we've helped millions - yes millions - of motorists across England, Scotland and Wales to avoid the traffic and get to their destination safely and quickly.

Remember, please don't use your mobile phone when driving.  It's against the law and really unsafe.

Safe journey!

Chris Haycock
Founder and Managing Director
Traffic Update