Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Stay one step ahead of the traffic with our email alerts

Be the first to become aware of incidents on your route.
Do you make regular journeys and get fed up with traffic jams on your route?

Stay one step ahead of congestion, accidents and roadworks with our email alerts, which will send you notification of any incidents that happen on roads you travel.

Sign up at www.traffic-update.co.uk/alerts/ with our free, popular service.

Just specify what roads you wish us to monitor and the times of day you want to receive alerts and let us do the rest.

Whenever an incident happens on your route our system will automatically inform you by email, meaning you can make alternative plans to avoid the traffic jams.

Our traffic alert service has been in testing for the last six weeks, and it's proving popular.  With more than 600 people using us, it's already demonstrated that it's a useful service.

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