Thursday, 23 October 2014

New mobile-optimised pages

Today we've launched our new mobile-optimised pages, which we hope will improve the user interaction, speed and usefulness of our traffic information service.

From today, all mobile users visiting one of our motorway pages will be served our mobile content, which has been specifically designed for those using iPhones, Android or other smartphones.

As well as giving you a visual map to show you where traffic incidents and hotspots occur, we also provide a feature that allows motorists to locate their geographical position and return traffic problems direct via SMS to their mobile phone - handy when you're on the move.  There is a small charge of £1 (plus standard network charges) to use this service to cover our costs of hosting and providing this traffic information news to your mobile.

In addition, there is an audio report which is useful when you've got your phone in your hands-free cradle.  The voice is a little bit artificial at the moment, but we'll be looking at refining it so it sounds more natural over the coming months, if it proves popular enough.

We will be increasing the coverage of this mobile service to include roads, regions, cities and counties shortly, once we have identified any bugs that may have crept in whilst in development.

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